Our Company

ShoreTrench™ by Secure Ground Solutions

After 35 years working in the construction industry and steeped in the problems relating to all aspects of groundwork, Glenn Molyneux had a eureka moment; to resolve a range of these problems with one concept. His idea led to the establishment of Secure Ground Solutions Ltd and the development of the next step in groundwork management, ShoreTrench™


Glenn Molyneux is the inventor of the “ready to deploy” modular system known as ShoreTrench™.

His 35 years in the groundwork and construction industry provided him with an in-depth insight into the various problems associated with trench excavations. A mix of lateral thinking, novel approach and common-sense gave Glenn the inspiration for ShoreTrench™ – a subsidiary of Secure Ground Solutions Ltd – a system that revolutionary benefits the safety and productivity for all aspects of trench activity.

Culture & Values

We’re motivated by three main driving goals: strength, safety and security. Here at Secure Ground Solutions Ltd, we’re driven by:

  • Innovation
  • Pragmatic and lateral thinking
  • Promoting British technology and production

With these aims at our back, we’re determined to revolutionise groundwork in the UK for both business and individuals alike.

Knowledge & Experience

We’re proud to have a highly qualified team in a variety of areas of expertise working together to keep Secure Ground Solutions and our groundbreaking ShoreTrench™ technology at the frontier of innovation. With our great track record of innovation and instigation, we’re determined to keep expanding and developing our already extensive knowledge of the construction and civil engineering industry, using our global connections to keep British industry at the highest quality.