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How to use

How to use

  • Inspect all components at start of every shift
  • Assess weights correctly and use adequate and appropriately certified lifting equipment
  • Ensure hooks engage fully into lifting points prior to lifting
  • Ensure triple locks are secured in the lock position
  • Use only lifting or handling points for chain attachment
  • Provide support over the full height of the dig
  • Provide edge protection
  • Keep personnel clear of excavator slew zone
  • Always use a banksman
  • Locate underground services before excavating
  • Store assembled boxes on firm, level ground only or lay flat on their sides
  • Always work from a safe area to avoid the risk of falls from height
  • Non-standard installation methods must be approved by a competent person
  • Take care to avoid trapping fingers
Do Not

Do Not

  • Exit the trench box into an unsupported area
  • Use mobile phones during operations unless in an event of an emergency
  • Push units down by more than 50mm at a time
  • Snatch the chain whilst extracting the box
  • Use handling points for lifting or pulling
  • Jump into the units, always use foot plates or secured ladder
  • Hang or store other materials onto the units
  • Accidentally strike the trench boxes
  • Drag the box by any means
  • Install in flooded ground
  • Store/stack the units more than 3 boxes high
  • Excessively force the box into the ground
  • Enter an unsupported trench

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